What are you doing to stay healthy?


When it comes to health and wellness in cold and flu season, it really takes a whole lot of prevention and seeing the bigger picture. If you only decide to be proactive when you start feeling sick, well, it’s probably too late! 


At Major Chiropractic in Wheaton, our chiropractic clinic sees a variety of patients — from athletes and sports enthusiasts to those who want to just feel better — and we want every single one of you to stay healthy in this season when bacteria and viruses are rampant! Learn more about some of the more uncommon methods in staying healthy!

Fighting Illness: The Bigger Picture


Like we mentioned earlier, when you’re feeling the aches and pains or sniffles of the season, you’r likely already sick and, at this point, there isn’t a whole lot you can do. However, if you approach the season with a different mindset, see the bigger picture at hand, and begin proactively seeking to stay healthy, there is a much better chance that you will. 


After all, staying healthy is a lifestyle!


So, what are some uncommon ways to do so? Let’s explore them below!


Tackle your stress.


This will forever be a thing in our culture because we’re all prone to the hustle and bustle of busy lives and always go, go, going! The truth of the matter is, chronic stress deeply impacts health and takes a toll on our body’s ability to fight off the bad things. Because stress is tied to our fight or flight response, if we’re telling our bodies we’re constantly in a dangerous situation, it taxes our immune system and gives support to other functions — allowing the cold and flu to creep in.  


Combat stress by pausing and slowing down — like way down! This is much easier said than done, we know, but start somewhere. Instead of staying glued to your computer for a working lunch, get outside and go for a walk. Or, instead of spending your evening with various devices, read a book, journal, or play some board games. 


It’s all about unwinding and bringing your heightened response down!




Along with our increasingly hectic lives and being stressed, we also don’t sleep. If you’re not getting enough sleep not only are you making it harder for your body to ward off bugs, but if you get sick it may stay around longer as well. 


Let your body do its thing and repair itself — this means you need to carve out at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night, every night! 


Cut sugar and alcohol!


Sugar and alcohol are some of the greatest suppressors of the immune system around, yet our social ties to them are enormous! They not only suppress the immune system, but they also encourage the growth of bacteria and viruses, making you stay sick, longer. 


Sugar from natural sources like fruit is okay but really try and eliminate all processed sugars, carbs, and alcohol in this season. Replace them with whole, unprocessed foods and load up on veggies!


Staying well this season asks for you to be proactive now! 


For more information on our chiropractic clinic and wellness tips, schedule an appointment today!