Major Chiropractic is known for helping patients with chronic pain. We have several methods of treating pain available to us. One way that we have come to appreciate is acupuncture, which we often use in combination with chiropractic treatment. .  We know that most people have heard of it, but many still don’t know what it is, or think that it will hurt. We are doing to try to shed some light on acupuncture today.

Acupuncture can be traced back over 2500 years to its origins in China. Chinese medicine believes that every body has energy flowing within it. This energy is called Qi (pronounced like chee). This energy flows through the body in channels called meridians. Chinese medicine holds that illness and pain are a result of blockages in these channels. These channels can be cleared or helped by the insertion of acupuncture needles.

When an acupuncturist inserts a needle, he or she is reestablishing a balance in the meridians. This balance is perhaps more familiar to western minds than they might realize. Almost everyone has seen the symbol of the Yin and Yang.This black and white swirling symbol represents balance.

The black side represent yin, the female, dark, passive, intuitive, negative, maternal side of the Qi force. The white, symbolized yang male, active, bright, logical, positive, paternal side of the Qi force. The Qi wants to be in balance and acupuncture can help it attain and maintain balance.
When you have chronic lower back pain you may be looking at any number of treatment to help you out. For chronic back pain that is not rooted in a disc or pinched nerve issue, we urge you to try acupuncture.