Dr. Steven Major believes:

“It takes an athlete to treat an athlete.”

Athletics are becoming more and more competitive. Dr. Major believes that because he competed at a high level it helps him understand the needs of today’s athlete. He has treated and trained a multitude of high school, collegiate, elite amateur and professional athletes. Assisting athletes in optimizing their performance has been his standard of practice.

Training for a sport is a systematic annualized process. Athletes know that for every week they miss in training…it takes two weeks to catch up. The KEY…don’t miss training!!!! Down time from injury has a multitude of costs:

  • Missed training
  • Missed game time/participation
  • Etc.

Many injuries can be prevented! By screening athletes, biomechanical deficiencies that lead to injury can be identified and corrected BEFORE they result in injury.

At Major Chiropractic & Sports Science, Ltd. we offer a FREE injury prevention screening to the area athletes.