1. Avoid Gardening Back Pain

    Gardening season is coming and with it physical exertion that can spell major back pain. No one wants to be out of commission from doing something as enjoyable as gardening. We’ve put our brains together and come up  with a list of helpful hints to help you avoid back pain from gardening. Stretch first. Don’t be fooled by what you think are simple motions of raking and pulling weeds, if you h…Read More

  2. Techniques To Help You Manage Your Chronic Back Pain

    Here at Major Chiropractic & Sports Science, we take your spine health very seriously. We help all types of people reduce their physical discomfort or reach their physical potential with our state of the art chiropractic treatment in IL. Living in pain doesn't have to be the way that you live your life. In fact, regular chiropractic adjustments have been shown to reduce pain, improve overall …Read More

  3. Holiday Travel Tips To Avoid Back Pain

    Here at Major Chiropractic, your number one source for chiropractic treatment in IL, we're dedicated to improving your quality of life. With a focus on treating the root of your pain rather than its symptoms, we've been able to give our patients long lasting relief without the use of addictive prescription medicine or costly medical bills. The holidays are right around the corner and a lot of us …Read More