1. All About Chiropractic Care

    Do you suffer from aches and pains or chronic headaches? Do you find movement painful, whether it’s going up the stairs or sitting for too long? If inflammation is getting the best of your body and other avenues haven’t provided relief, a chiropractic treatment may be a modality to explore. If you’re on the fence with chiropractic care and you’re unsure whether you are ready to make an app…Read More

  2. The Ketogenic Diet For Athletes

    When it comes to athletic performance and sports nutrition, athletes are usually willing to try anything to gain a competitive edge. A lot of commotion has been surfacing about the ketogenic diet, so we’ll cover the basics in this article. What is ketosis? Before diving straight into the ketogenic diet, understanding ketosis is crucial. Our body functions as a sugar burner first, and ketosis is …Read More

  3. Managing Postural Corrections

    The health professionals at Major Chiropractic see patients regularly for chiropractic services, rehab, and sports medicine, and athletic injury prevention, among other things, and there is an area of overlap between these areas that deserves extra attention. This area of overlap is postural correction. To learn more about this fascinating, but sometimes frustrating topic, keep reading. Postural C…Read More

  4. What You Could Really Be Losing Sleep Over

    Your back pain is one thing. What else could be keeping you up at night? According to an article published by Spine Health, chronic back pain is the most common pain experienced by individuals. So, it is no wonder that often times, those same individuals suffer from loss of sleep. You may not sleep great every night of the week, but if you are laying wide awake more often than you are resting, you…Read More

  5. The Proper Way to Sit At Work And In Class

    How you should really sit during your busy day to help reduce present and future back problems. We have heard it a million times: Sitting at a desk is one of the worst things you can do. As bad as it is for us to sit all day long, for many, it is an inevitable action that has to be done while you work. As much of a health concern as it is, there are not many options, unless you get to work at one …Read More

  6. The Most Common Sports Injuries

    Whether you love playing sports in Wheaton yourself or you just enjoy watching them, sports injuries happen… a lot. As football season kicks off, and other popular fall sports, the possibilities of injury rises. While you hope for it to never happen to you or your children, accidents happen and it's important that you know who you can come to when they do. At Major Chiropractic, we are able to t…Read More