Major Chiropractic wants to get you back in the game. We offer rehabilitation services and have a full sports medicine clinic. Our philosophy of sports medicine is that no matter your sports participation level we can help you get ready to get back to top performance levels. Sometimes there is a waiting period before you get to the doctor and it is important that you treat your injury correctly in the first 24 hours and we have found that the traditional wisdom of R.I.C.E. is a good guideline to follow.

The letter R. Rest. This is something more easily said than done for active, responsible adults. If you have an acute injury and swelling is visible you should rest it. If you have a job that stresses your injury or if you have kids who insist on being fed and cared for, you may have to get some help to allow you the ‘luxury’ of resting. But rest you must and you will reap the rewards when the swelling goes down more quickly.

The letter I. Ice it. This is not just an Old Wives Tale, it is solid science. When an injury becomes inflamed it is because blood is rushing there and the resulting warmth and increased metabolism indicates that cells could be heading for death. Ice slows this response down, giving the body time to heal. Ice relieves pain. I’ve creates numbness that can make the pain of a sprained or broken ankle for example at a tolerable level until you can be seen by a medical professional and get some pain medication.

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