If you are one of the 14 million Americans who suffer from chronic daily headaches, you know the excruciating pain that can end your productivity for days on end. It’s hard to function on the job on and in the home when you have debilitating migraines. Many people report that their migraines occur less frequently, and are less severe after a chiropractic treatment. To read more about migraines, to decide if what you are having could be classified as a migraine click here.

Other than a chiropractic treatment, what are some common treatments for migraines? We’ll cover some treatments in this week’s blog.

Know Your Triggers

  • Keep a list of your suspected triggers. Did you eat something before the onset of your migraine? Drink something? Smell something?
  • Foods and drinks containing nitrates are a common trigger. This includes processed meats such as hot dogs or bacon.
  • Red wine gives many people headaches and sulfites are the suspect.
  • Stress is a trigger for many migraine sufferers. Migraines can happen after a stressful event, as a “let down” headache.
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is often given to *help* a migraine, but there is a fine line between a therapeutic amount of caffeine to treat a migraine, and an amount to actually cause one. Know your limits and don’t exceed it.
  • Alcohol can cause migraines too. This is not a hangover headache, but a migraine that occurs after even a small amount of alcohol.
  • Some people experience migraines after being exposed to smells. This is highly individual.

If you have migraines, call Major Chiropractic for a treatment.