You might be asking yourself, “Why on earth would I go to a chiropractor for weight loss?” Well, let us tell you! We are more than an ordinary chiropractic office. We also offer rehab and sports medicine, athletic injury prevention therapy, acupuncture, insomnia & fatigue therapy, and finally weight loss and nutrition counseling.

Everyone know that you have to burn off more calories than you take in, but as we all know this is easier said than done. There always seems to be things that pop up, seemingly and specifically designed to foil our attempts to cut down. Whether it’s a leftover piece of pizza from a teen boy sleep over that calls to us to eat it, or just those last few Girl Scout cookie Thin Mints, that have to be eaten, just to get them out of the house.

Support and Accountability

  • These two things can make or break attempts to lose weight.
  • Whether it’s from a group, a small circle of friends or a single nutrition counselor, sometimes we just need to hear that we should keep trying, after yet another setback.
  • Accountability means someone listening and helping to keep us on track, even when we go off it with full consciousness.
  • Sometimes, it can be just the thought of having to tell someone about those three thin mints that can keep us from eating them, or join us in shrugging it off to keep moving forward towards our goals.

Major Chiropractic offers Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Nutrition. We can help you figure out what you should eat to maximize your weight loss efforts. We will make a fully customizable Transformation Plan for you and support you in all the ways we can. Call today.