As chiropractors, we equally help athletes prevent injuries as much as we invest in their recovery — learn about what may be missing to your training!


As a fitness enthusiast or an athlete, training is amazing for our health but if we’re lifting improperly or have an unbalanced running gait, we’re subject to injury. Beyond a chiropractic adjustment and other sports medicine treatments there is something that is often overlooked in workouts, but highly effective in injury prevention.


At Major Chiropractic, staying healthy so you can train harder and achieve your goals is a pillar of our business. While nutrition and preventative sports medicine modalities such as chiropractic are a great option in keeping you healthy, there is something tangible that you can add to every workout to prevent injuries and keep you at the top!

Mobility Training


Mobility training is one thing that may be missing from your training. It’s often skipped because people don’t want to carve out time before or after their workouts a couple of times a week to implement it because it’s seen as not really working out or adding to gains.


This is so far from the truth and mobility training may actually get you faster gains and help you crush your fitness goals faster. So, let’s dive into it!


What is Mobility Training?


Mobility work incorporates specific exercises that aim to address and improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.   


Having mobility is the capability to move your body, limb-by limb, in a full range of motion.


What’s the difference between flexibility and mobility?


These two things are similar, but they’re definitely different. Flexibility focuses on lengthening the muscles, while mobility is controlled and aims to move each limb through a full range of motion.


Why incorporate mobility training?


It’s true, mobility training may take some extra training time a couple of times a week, but listen, if you want to stay injury-free and get stronger or improve your fitness, mobility is the ticket.


Because we tend to spend most of our days sitting in a static position in front of a computer, our bodies get tight and many muscle groups aren’t able to be activated.

If you’re hitting the gym with a limited range of motion other muscles will begin to compensate, and because they’re not used to the weight load or compression, this is a recipe for injuries.


And, if you don’t have a full range of motion in your major muscle groups, you may not even be able to gain the appropriate muscle as a result.  


And, mobility doesn’t discriminate, so whether you’ve been working out consistently for years and tout a low body fat percentage or are working out to shed a few pounds, if your shoulder has limited mobility eventually after rounds of push-ups and overhead squats, it’s going to cave to injury.


It’s simple, if you want to stay healthy and perform better, mobility training is a must! There is much more to cover on mobility, so stayed tuned for more information in a future post!