Major Chiropractic uses chiropractic treatments to treat many ailments, from sore backs and necks to migraine headaches and insomnia. The theory of chiropractic holds that many ailments are the result of misalignments of the spine, the results of which ripple out to affect many systems. Besides a chiropractic treatment, which we have witnessed help patients with insomnia, there are some good pre-sleep that can help you get a good night’s sleep. These habits are often referred to as sleep hygiene. Sleep what? Sleep hygiene means things to do, or not to do, to help you sleep well. Here is our list of hints to help with your sleep.

Use Your Bed for Sleep

  • Aside from sex, your bed should be reserved for sleep only.
  • Don’t read or watch TV in bed. You’ll be training your brain that the bed is a multi-purpose space, and it shouldn’t be.

Go to Bed Sleepy

  • This may sound obvious, but insomniacs know all too well the feeling of laying in bed, waiting for that sleepy feeling, the feeling that sometimes doesn’t come.
  • If you are not drowsy, get up out of your bed and sit and read or some other non-electronic calming activity.

Turn Off the Electronics

  • Because some electronics imitate daylight, they can mess up your circadian rhythm.
  • The light from the many small electronics in your bedroom add up and make a bright place to sleep. Turn off or cover all the little lights that illuminate your room.  

Keep a Routine

  • Going to bed at a different time every night, or much later on the weekends can have a detrimental effect on your sleep patterns. Try to go to bed within a 30 minute envelope every night of the week.
  • Get up at the same time as well, even on the weekends.