In a previous post, we covered the uncommon benefits of chiropractic such as boosting your immune health and athletic performance. Traditional chiropractic care that most are familiar with, involves spinal manipulation and adjustments to hone in on the nervous system. Because chiropractic care can treat a myriad of health issues, naturally, there are different methods in achieving this.

At Major Chiropractic, we are Wheaton’s leading chiropractic and sports medicine facility — applying innovative techniques to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. Chiropractic treatment will vary from patient to patient, so join us in today’s journey of the different, yet effective, chiropractic methods.

The Diverse Methods of Chiropractic Care

On your journey to health and wellness, finding relief without pharmaceuticals or surgery is important to you, and this is where chiropractic care really shines. There are many chiropractic methods to treat each individual, and the following are some of the most commonly seen in our field.

The Diversified Approach

In the diversified technique, this is more of a long-term solution from neck and back discomfort that adjusts lumbar disc herniations. This is one of the most common chiropractic techniques and patients often associate it with the “popping” sound of chiropractic!  

The Gonstead Approach

The Gonstead approach is implemented to address a specific problem, so if you have chronic shoulder pain, the chiropractor will target the specific place and help address it accordingly. When this approach is used, your chiropractor will do a thorough analysis of your spine to help mitigate the inflammation and discomfort in the specific areas.

The Logan Approach

This approach is effective in bone and spine realignment by applying pressure to the spine. This technique is great for migraines, tension, and balancing the body.

The Flexion Distraction Approach

Flexion-distraction chiropractic is used for joint pain and those who have scoliosis. The chiropractor will effectively align the spine through a series of stretches along the back.     

Soft Tissue Therapy

This technique utilizes soft tissue massage to the muscles and ligaments, instead of directly to the spine. This type of therapy helps patients manage scar tissue or what is referred to as “injury waste” that may be delaying recovery. Soft tissue therapy assists in detoxification and supports blood and fluid circulation in the body.    

The Graston Approach

The Graston approach is soft tissue therapy amplified! This method uses an array of stainless steel instruments to both detect and help heal any issues in your muscles and tendons. This technique requires additional certification before performing it in office, so ensure your chiropractor has a license.

The Activator Approach

This approach is an alternative to manual spinal manipulation and uses an adjusting instrument and is in the category of Mechanical Force Manual Assisted instruments. This handheld device delivers a low magnitude pulse — the outcome uses just enough force without causing injury.

Chiropractic care is diverse and abounding with many healing techniques to help you in your health and wellness journey.

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