1. What is Functional Rehabilitation?

    What is Functional Rehabilitation?   Major Chiropractic in Wheaton offer a wide range to treatments in the field of sports medicine. One of these is Functional Rehabilitation. This is a relatively new field in sports medicine that seeks to treat not just the injury but the biomechanics behind the injury. Functional rehabilitation is very useful in treating chronic pain as well.   What is…Read More

  2. Neck Pain After a Car Accident: Is it Whiplash?

    Major Chiropractic in Wheaton is a Top Rated Local® chiropractic office. We offer acupuncture,  treat sports injuries, and help with problems of insomnia and fatigue. We also offer chiropractic treatment for whiplash.If you’ve recently been in a car accident, one phrase you’ve probably heard bandied about is whiplash. People will ask you if you have it, but how do you know if you do or not? …Read More

  3. How to Avoid Sports Injuries

    Major Chiropractic in Wheaton is a Top Rated Local® chiropractic office. We treat sports injuries and offer rehabilitation services.There is nothing worse than having your fitness goal within your reach, only to suffer an injury that will take weeks or months to recover from. Athletes know that injuries are a risk. There are many things you can do to minimize your risk and keep heading toward you…Read More

  4. Summertime Tips For Back Pain

    Major Chiropractic is Wheaton IL’s Sports Medicine Chiropractic Clinic. We use chiropractic treatment treat sports-related injuries, general back and neck pain. We offer athletic injury prevention therapies as well as acupuncture for insomnia and fatigue. If you are lucky summertime can mean traveling to a fun vacation destination. If you have back pain you may not feel so lucky to be in a plane…Read More