1. Prevent Injuries with Sport Medicine

    Major Chiropractic offers injury prevention services to help athletes perform at their optimal levels for as long as possible. In some sports, especially contact sports, some injuries are inevitable, but many are preventable. When you miss a game or several games, you know that it will take time to regain your performance level, both physically and mentally. Let Major Chiropractic help you with in…Read More

  2. Avoid Sport Injuries

      One of the services of Major Chiropractic can be found in our sports medicine department. We treat injuries, but we really get a lot of pleasure out of helping athletes avoid injuries. We’ve come up with a list of tips to help you prevent injuries. For more personalized tips and for actual practices and exercises, come see us! Cross train When you cross train, you work the muscle groups t…Read More

  3. What is Functional Rehabilitation?

    What is Functional Rehabilitation?   Major Chiropractic in Wheaton offer a wide range to treatments in the field of sports medicine. One of these is Functional Rehabilitation. This is a relatively new field in sports medicine that seeks to treat not just the injury but the biomechanics behind the injury. Functional rehabilitation is very useful in treating chronic pain as well.   What is…Read More