The Importance of Chiropractic Care For Your Feet major chiropractic wheaton

You are on your feet a lot. Depending on your job, you could be on your feet all day long. In your lifetime, on average you will walk around 110,000 miles if you live to be 80 years old. This is about five times around the circumference of the earth! That’s a lot of steps and a lot of wear and tear on your feet and joints, including your ankle joints. In addition, many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, which is the inflammation of the tissue that stretches across your entire foot and that connects the heel to your toes. Foot pain is quite common, so taking care of your feet is very important, indeed.

Major Chiropractic and Sports Science offers chiropractic services in Wheaton, Illinois. In addition, we offer rehab and sports medicine, Normatec recovery, personal training and group fitness, as well as help with nutrition and weight loss. For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people by offering chiropractic treatments for lower back pain, neck pain, and foot pain, as well as helping them move better. Our mission is to offer you relief where you need it the most. Below, we’ll go over a bit more about why you should trust your foot and ankle pain to your local chiropractor. Call us for a chiropractic appointment today!


Ensuring Proper Alignment

Sometimes foot pain is caused because other areas of your body are out of alignment. This can put undue stress on your feet that otherwise would be distributed in a more uniform manner. When you partner with your local chiropractor, such as Major Chiropractic in Wheaton, you can expect your body to be restored to proper alignment so that your feet won’t be taking on an overbearing burden. Furthermore, your ankle could be out of alignment as well just from everyday motion or if you stepped down funny one day. At your chiropractic appointment, all areas of your body will be checked for alignment.

Prevents Further Injury or Pain

If you’re suffering from foot pain that is caused either by your ankle or by other parts of your body, seeing a chiropractor will help to ensure that you don’t further injure your feet. If you are in pain, you can subconsciously compensate for it by walking differently — differently as in a way you were not meant to walk. This then compounds your pain and the ill effects of your injury because now you are putting pressure on parts of your body that were never meant to have that sort of pressure. This can lead to other ailments cropping up, such as lower back pain, strained muscles, and other joint problems. 

It’s important to understand the difference between soreness and pain. Soreness is from overexerting your muscle and will usually go away in a day or two. Pain lingers and is not normal. If you are in pain, seek the guidance of a licensed professional, such as your local chiropractor today.