At Major Chiropractic, we know what a disturbance insomnia can be to your life.

We treat insomnia with acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. We hope you’ll let us help you with your insomnia.

We’ve made a list of other things you can do to try to get to sleep.


  • This naturally occurring hormone helps you sleep. You can take it in pill form before you begin your bedtime ritual to give it time to work.

Avoid Caffeine

  • Most insomniacs have a hard time waking up in addition to trouble getting to sleep.
  • Caffeine can stay in the average system for up to ten hours. If you find you can’t have even one cup in the morning without trouble sleeping that night, consider yourself extra sensitive to it, and avoid it altogether.

Recalibrate Your Bedroom

  • Move all unnecessary electronics out of your bedroom. Getting rid of all the light from them all alone will help make your bedroom more restful.
  • Make your bedroom a place of peace; pick your favorite restful colors and install relaxing lights.

Use Your Bed for Sleeping and Sex Only

  • This means watch TV elsewhere, and read sitting in a chair.
  • Don’t snack or do the crossword puzzle in bed, not even on Sunday morning.
  • If you are tossing and turning, get up out of bed and return only when you are drowsy.

Ban Electronics

  • For one or two hours before you attempt to sleep, use NO electronics.
  • The light from most cell phones imitates daylight and can really mess up your sleep cycle.

If you try all these tips, and still can’t sleep, call major Chiropractic for an evaluation.