Because it’s all about letting the right light in for optimal health!

Have you heard of the term “junk light” before? It’s likely you have. Similar to blue light which stems predominantly in our modern times from electronics such as our phones and computers.

When you’re on a path to health and wellness, oftentimes we look for simple habits to change, and the type of light we get is surfacing to be just as important as the healthy food we eat and the activity we get.

At Major Chiropractic, we are a patient-focused chiropractic that not only wants to address your health through chiropractic adjustments, but we want to help you make practical and beneficial changes through all the facets that comprise optimal health. Elevate and expand your health with our post on junk light!

Behind Junk Light

Junk light is essentially the artificial light we are exposed to indoors — from LEDs and halogens to fluorescent lighting, science is finding it’s just not great for our health. We’ve moved from an era where people had a balance of the type of light they were exposed to, to the current state where people are glued to their desks in a stressful environment for over eight hours a day — and no, staring out the window doesn’t make a difference!

Rethinking Our Light

When we consider light as a part of our healthy lifestyle and fit it into healthy eating and movement, we’re helping to complete this how optimal wellness can manifest. It may sound a little odd at first, but the kind of light our bodies are exposed to matters and it can either help or hurt our health. Research is finding it has everything to do with our DNA and how we absorb nutrients. Junk light is being coined the new junk food!  

And then there is supplementation.

We use supplementation when we are deficient in and not getting enough of what we need. If we’re anemic we supplement with iron. If we feel a cold coming on we power down the vitamin C. So, what if we thought of supplementing with light?

Our bodies were made for natural light — we need it to absorb and activate vitamin D — and as we know, a lack of vitamin D can cause a lot of major health concerns.

What’s wrong with artificial light?

Artificial light eliminates a good deal of infrared, violet, and red light on the spectrum which is found in natural sunlight. Our bodies suffer because the scales are tipped — we’re exposed to a great deal more of blue light and much less of the other spectrums.  

We know we’re getting too much of the artificial or junk light and not enough of natural lighting, but how is this impacting our health?

This is a very vital question to answer and dive deep into the “why” behind natural light in our next post, so stay tuned for part two!

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