What is Functional Rehab?

You may have heard the term “functional” become much more popular in recent years. In the fitness realm, it often is used in regards to “functional fitness,” which has to do with training the body to enhance activities performed in daily life. 

But what is functional rehabilitation? At its core, functional rehabilitation is a philosophical shift away from treating an acute area of pain, in favor of treating the area of dysfunction. 

In effect, instead of treating what hurts, we treat what’s causing the hurt in the first place. 

The results are long-term and often transformative. We at Major Chiropractic are proud of the work we do in the Wheaton community as Illinois chiropractic professionals. We offer rehab & sports medicine treatments, chiropractic services, athletic injury prevention, and much more. Everything we do is rooted in a whole-body, functional approach to medicine and wellness. 

Spotlight: Wheaton College Football Coach Mike Swider

Now that we’ve established the basics of functional rehabilitation, we want to take the opportunity to let a long-time friend of Major Chiropractic, Wheaton College Football Coach Mike Swider, tell our readers about Dr. Steve Major and what sets him apart as a clinician. 

My name is Mike Swider and I’m the head football coach here at Wheaton College. I’ve been coaching now for 38 years. My first seven down at a high school in Atlanta, Georgia, and the past 31 here at Wheaton and it’s been a tremendous experience for me…it’s just been a special place for me. And today I’d like to take a minute to talk about Steve Major and what he means to me personally and what he has meant to so many people over the years that he has treated. 

I’ve seen Steve as he’s worked and I’ve seen him through three sets of lenses. I’ve seen him through a personal lens, where he’s treated me, a 60-year-old, washed up, “has been,” that’s just struggling to survive and stay fit. I’ve seen him through that lens as he’s personally taken care of me. 

I’ve seen him through the lens of a football coach, as he’s treated my players over the years…guys who have graduated, guys in the program, and even recruits that are coming to the program. I’ve seen the way he’s dealt with athletes. 

Finally, and most importantly, I’ve seen Steve through the lens of a father and as a husband. Steve has treated all three of my children and has even treated my wife. I’ve seen the way he’s approached taking care of them, how he fits them into their schedule. He sees them as individuals and he sees their own unique needs. Most importantly, I’ve seen how compassionate he’s been.” 

Coach Swider goes on to describe three distinctive attributes that define Steve Major and our practice here at Major Chiropractic:

  • Competence – He’s really good at what he does. He’s always looking forward, always looking to advance. He stays innovative and up to date. 
  • Understanding – He sees where you are at in life. He sees and understands the difference between tweeting a 60-year-old and a 21-year-old student-athlete. 
  • Compassion – He sees someone who cares about people. He doesn’t treat people as things, or a means to an end. It’s not that way for Steve Major. When they hurt, he hurts. When he treats you, you aren’t just a patient; you are a person. 

I would recommend Steve to you, any time, any place, without any hesitation. Give him a shout…and you’ll prove me right.” 

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