Removing any unnecessary stress is what we do at Major Chiropractic — beginning with your first appointment in our Wheaton chiropractic office!

Simplify Your first Appointment

When you browse our New Patient page, you’ll notice that there are three different fields where you’ll need to complete paperwork including:

  • New Patient Paperwork
  • Medical History
  • Areas Of Symptoms

Before your first appointment, you can fill out all of these forms and bring them with you to your appointment. Or, if you’d rather fill them out here, arrive about 15 minutes early.

While the forms may seem daunting, this is the very first step and it’s the most critical one because it’s what’s going to lead the consultation and chiropractic examination, so it’s vital to take your time and fill them out as completely as possible.

Step Towards Wellness

All it takes is a call to schedule your first chiropractic appointment in Wheaton to expand your wellness.

Chiropractic addresses the root cause of health concerns to pinpoint issues affecting your nervous system and spinal structure.

After the routine examination and chiropractic examination are performed, X-rays will be taken to further assess your health and then a treatment plan will be discussed. Because there is a myriad of overarching areas to wellness, we’ll discuss other components such as nutrition and physical activity.

Embark on your wellness journey with us!

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